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Environmental problems, especially those involving water, are expansive and interconnected. Tackling these issues often requires a vast skill set and a unique way of problem-solving.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual panel!

On July 21, 2020 TAP-IN hosted a virtual panel virtual panel “Using an Entrepreneurial Spirit to do Good”. This panel built on the TAP-IN series, which was initially launched by the State of Colorado and is continuing now through The Water Connection.  We are providing platforms like this panel event for inspiring conversation, connection and collaboration among institutions, entrepreneurs and investors for the advancement of innovative solutions to Colorado’s water resource challenges.  We explored the current state of innovation and collaboration in our water sector, with particular focus on the dynamics between non-profit and for-profit businesses working in water, plus we took a look into what’s happening in the energy sector as a possible learning tool.

Click here to watch the recording of this panel.

John Chahbandour, Hydro Venture Partners
Mike Smith, RenewWest
Renee Azerbegi, Ambient Energy
Greg Fisher, Denver Water

Moderator: Devon Buckels, The Water Connection

Thank you to our partners for collaborating on this program!