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Rachio leads the category with new Google Assistant, SmartThings integrations.

Rachio: We believe people want beautiful, meaningful landscapes and also want them to be sustainable. This requires a unique balance of proper vegetation, landscape architecture, infrastructure and smart controllers. Our intelligent sprinkler controller is just the start. We think water can be sustainably used throughout our homes. We’ll continue to build things to ensure it is.

Blog Post from March 28:

If loving smart home innovation is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

In our continuing quest to provide you with the latest and greatest technology, Rachio is pleased to announce two new additions to our category-leading line-up of smart watering integrations: welcome to the family, Google Assistant and SmartThings.

Now you can add voice control and SmartThings routines to the list of ways the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller uses smart technology to make watering easier and more convenient.

Ok Google? Yes, please.

Here at Rachio, we’re more than a little obsessed with new technology (don’t worry, it’s not technically a mania); so naturally, we couldn’t wait to get you watering with the Google Assistant.

Google Home, powered by the Google Assistant, enables you to control your sprinkler system using more than 48 voice commands – one more way you can manage watering from anywhere.

Just connect your Rachio controller to Google Home to start making requests. Take advantage of the newest wave of hands-free watering control with simple commands, like, “Ok Google, tell Rachio it’s raining” or “Ok Google, ask Rachio to water the front yard flowers.”

Additionally, use Google-exclusive commands like the following to run all zones, run a specific schedule – or even request your daily watering status:

  • “Ok Google, ask Rachio to water all zones.”
  • “Ok Google, ask Rachio to turn on schedule Front Yard.”
  • “Ok Google, ask Rachio to water zone 3.”

For more info or to learn how to connect, check out the Google Assistant integration page.


Smart watering just got smarter.

Looking for even more ways to streamline your smart home? Now you can combine the smart watering power of Rachio with the advanced scheduling capabilities of SmartThings, the connected home platform from Samsung.

Add your smart sprinkler controller as a “Thing,” then set up specialized routines to stop watering when you open a door, program your own rain skips and more.

Explore a whole new level of watering control with Rachio and SmartThings – meanwhile, we’ll keep making room on the shelf for new integrations. Check out the SmartThings integration page for more information.


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