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Trout Tank H2O 2018: Pitch Accelerator – Innovation on TAP

held from February to April, 2018 in Denver

The business of water is a big industry – $600 billion globally. And, it is more than just turning on your tap – water hits the nexus of agriculture, energy, bio-science, transportation, manufacturing, public health, outdoor recreation and tourism, business, and education – all the key pillars of our thriving economy, environment, and society.

Colorado, and the entire western region, face some difficult challenges related to water – natural disasters (drought, floods, wildfires), aging infrastructure, variability and uncertainty in supply, growing demand from booming population growth, etc.

These local, state, and federal concerns are driving the need for innovation within the sector and for businesses to help solve these critical challenges. Solving these challenges is the only way Colorado will continue to be successful and thrive. Our quality of life and economy depend on it.

As a headwaters state and one of the most entrepreneurial in the U.S., Colorado is positioned to be on the leading edge of water innovation, technology, and problem-solving.

Trout Tank H2O was the first-of-its-kind program in Colorado brought to you by a collaboration between the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, Denver Water, Colorado State University, and TAP-IN. The 13 entrepreneurs participated in an 8-week accelerator program and then the top five pitched live and competed for a $5,000 prize on April 19.

Trout Tank H2O focused on highlighting entrepreneurs and businesses with a water nexus and giving them opportunities to sharpen their pitching skills, gain exposure, secure funding, and build connections with lenders, investors, decision-makers, and key stakeholders within the Colorado business and water community.

Trout Tank H2O’s goal was to ensure that the entrepreneurs who are stepping up to preserve and protect the things we love about living, working, and playing in Colorado are successful, which means we all get to continue to do the things we love.

The Trout Tank H2O: Pitch Accelerator Participants:

Media: Denver Business Journal & CGTN America  

Trout Tank H2O Judge’s Award:

Mike Smith, Founder and John Cleland, Managing Partner // RenewWest

Trout Tank H2O People’s Choice:

Andrew Todd, Founder // Running Rivers

Trout Tank H2O Accelerator Entrepreneurs

Patrick Mahncke // Instream Water

Culver Van Der Jagt // Sink Twice

Kelley Smith // Kokopelli Packraft

John Gerdes // VisuGen Global

Matthew Hexter // Evergood Elixirs

Ari Kaufman // Microlyze Corporation

Steve Malers // Open Water Foundation

Rob Buirgy  // New Era Water Technologies

Mike Schultz // n2Water

Andre Dozier // Catena Analytics