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Source & Cycle…

was the first TAP-IN reverse pitch innovation challenge event where end users pitched their specific problems to the entrepreneurial, innovation, and business community, along with those passionate about problem solving, with the goal of working together to power solutions and build connections to innovate.

Source & Cycle called upon end users working in rainwater, stormwater, potable water, groundwater, reclaimed and reused water, wastewater, and sustainable/green infrastructure.

On June 21, six end users under Source & Cycle pitched their problems to 130 water experts, entrepreneurs, and business professionals inviting them to join forces to approach the problems in new ways and find creative solutions. Read more about the event on the Blog.

The Problem Pitch-ers

Event Agenda

4:00 – Kickoff

4:10 – Keynote Speaker // Scott Bryan, Imagine H20

4:40 – A Chat With // Steve Farabaugh, Senior Consultant at Isle Inc. & John Chahbandour, Partner at Hydro Venture Partners

5:00 – Problem Pitches & Dialogue 

6:30 – Socializing (with free beer and wine and light appetizers)


Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, 1445 Market Street, 5th floor

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