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VOTE For TAP-IN’s Session At Denver Startup Week

VOTE for TAP-IN’s Session at Denver Startup Week

TAP-IN submitted a session for the 2017 Denver Startup Week (September 25-29)! The session, What you Cheers, Chew and Do: The Case for Caring About Water Innovation, is under the Designer track. Here it it:

Do you like beer? Do you like fishing? Do you like farmer’s markets? Do you like skiing/snowboarding? Do like eating, drinking, or doing anything in Colorado? If you answered “yes,” then you like water innovation, even if you don’t know it. Colorado has an opportunity like no other state: we are the headwaters region that supplies water for millions of people, across many states, and we are the epicenter of today’s innovation conversation. The challenge is we have not fully connected our water resources and challenges with the creative current that flows throughout our state…yet. And there is tremendous potential to innovate in the water sector.
TAP-IN is a “reverse pitch” innovation challenge linking water users with problems to entrepreneurs who can partner to solve them, with the goal of building connections across communities to unleash the power of Coloradans collaborating. This session will highlight a series of dynamic speakers from diverse sectors in Colorado. In TAP-IN fashion, each speaker will pitch “why you should care about water innovation” in 5 minutes with Q&A to wrap it up. Water fuels everything we love about living in Colorado, so we invite you to TAP-IN, so you can continue to cheers, chew, and do – the Colorado way.

The water innovation domain in Colorado is early-stage and relatively undeveloped and unsupported – just waiting to be tapped into, cultivated, and grown into a thriving, high-impact ecosystem that establishes Colorado as a water innovation leader, as we are in so many other areas. Water innovation hits the nexus of agriculture, energy, bioscience, transportation, manufacturing, public health, outdoor recreation and tourism, business, education – all the key pillars of our thriving economy, environment, and society. There is tremendous potential for partnership and collaboration among individuals, groups, and organizations that have never interacted before, resulting in game-changing solutions. And, there is untapped potential to connect the entrepreneurial community to these open markets prime for entrepreneurial solutions.

Local, state, federal and international concerns related to water availability and quality are driving demand for new technologies to solve critical water challenges, and one of the oldest industries in Colorado needs an infusion of innovative ideas and solutions from diverse perspectives to meet the demand.

Water fuels everything we love about living, playing, and working in Colorado. Join the conversation and be part of the solution.