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Back in April, a TAP-IN blog noted that GoWater, one of the finalist teams in the 2017 Colorado GoCode Competition, was developing an application to assist in helping businesses track down Water Rights issues. That application, now known as Drip, became one of the three $25,000 contracts awarded by the Colorado Secretary of State. Now a company, Drip is working to serve a larger water community.

Try it!  It’s free during the beta period! From the homepage (, click on the “Try Drip” button, then enter in a location (town name, zip code, or address).  Drip gives you a list of water features, structures, and links to the associated water rights.  Drip solves the problem of having to sift through large datasets and connects the dots to the water rights.

Location matters!  That’s why the results are mapped. Future enhancements will add details such as proximity of hazardous spill sites, gas wells, and other items that could potentially impact water quality.  From there we are developing analytics to better understand the impacts of changes to water quality, well-depths, water flows, and run-off.

Drip’s value in its current form is the simplification of finding the water rights associated with any water structure listed in the Colorado Department of Water Resources (DWR) database. We’re pleased to get feedback from users as we refine the application and add functionality. That input will directly impact the direction and utility of Drip to serve a broader customers base.  Let’s work together to address real concerns regarding water resource management.

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Thanks to TAP-IN for the publicity and leading the charge for finding solutions to water issues in Colorado.



Author: Loren Anderson & Tim Haynie, Drip