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As of January 2022, TAP-IN CO is no longer an active program.

If you would like to learn more about the programs of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, please visit their website:

If you would like more information about The Greenway Foundation, please visit their website:

The Mission

TAP-IN’s mission is to convene Coloradans around water challenges to bring fresh voices and new approaches to the conversation and build a collaborative network across communities.

TAP-IN to the creative current that flows throughout our state.

It's Time...

The business of water is a big industry – $600 billion globally; and, that business is more than just turning on your tap. There is a nexus between water and agriculture, energy, bio-science, transportation, manufacturing, public health, outdoor recreation and tourism, business, and education – all the key pillars of our thriving economy, environment, and society.

Colorado, and the entire western region, faces difficult challenges related to water – natural disasters (drought, floods, wildfires), aging infrastructure, variability and uncertainty in supply, growing demand from booming population growth…the list goes on…

These challenges at the local, state, and federal levels drive the need for innovation from within and from outside the water sector. Collaboration is the only way Colorado will continue to be successful and thrive. Our quality of life and economy depend on it.

As the only headwaters state in the continental US and as one of the most entrepreneurial, Colorado is uniquely positioned to be on the leading edge.

There is tremendous potential to innovate in the water sector. It’s time to TAP-IN to it.

If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

–Albert Einstein

What is TAP-IN?

TAP-IN is the centralizing hub connecting the many diverse stakeholders across the state involved in shaping our water future to break down silos, create space for new ways of thinking, cultivate creative partnerships, and expose barriers to change.

TAP-IN is the platform that links water challenges with the people, institutions, entrepreneurs, and investors best positioned to deliver tomorrow’s solutions.

TAP-IN is a non-advocacy convener that inspires conversation, connection, and collaboration.

The Parts

End User

The customer that a product is designed for.


An individual or team that leverages opportunity and risk to tackle a challenge, create something new, or drive change.

Supporting Community

Are the problem-solvers, thought leaders, changemakers, investors, and stakeholders who have an interest in the problem and the solution. They are important connectors, partners, and supporters of the end user and entrepreneur.

The Equation

Insightful End Users   Passionate Problem-Solvers   Creative Thought Leaders   Driven Changemakers


Pathways to Partnership   Targeted Collaborations   Game-Changing Solutions

The Goal & Tools

Reverse Pitch Events

In contrast to traditional pitches where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and products to potential investors and customers, a reverse pitch puts end users in front of the community to pitch their specific challenges (a “problem pitch”), equipping those listening with valuable insight into real needs, while revealing potential open markets looking  for entrepreneurial solutions. TAP-IN is planning to host a reverse pitch event later in 2021, so stay tuned for more information! For a better idea of what this concept is,  check out the pitches from 2017.

Trout Tank Sustainability

Trout Tank Sustainability highlights entrepreneurs and businesses with a focus on sustainability issues, including the water nexus. This program gives them opportunities to sharpen their pitching skills, gain exposure, secure funding, and build connections within the Colorado business and water community. Learn more about the upcoming 2021 program.


TAP-IN partners with organizations to host creative events focused on water.

Opportunities Report

The annual report synthesizes the information from the pitches and dialogue at TAP-IN events to use as a tool and next steps guide. Check out the 2017 Opportunities Report.


In 2016, the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), Denver Water, Colorado State University, and Open Water Foundation joined forces to create and develop TAP-IN. With involvement  from many active statewide partners, TAP-IN launched in April 2017.

TAP-IN was inspired by Colorado’s Water Plan —  calling upon Colorado’s innovation and business communities, education and research institutions, and public and non-profit organizations to collaborate with the water sector to address Colorado’s water challenges with “outside-the-box” creativity.

The plan sets an objective to identify five water challenges that Colorado’s innovation community could help solve by 2030, and to engage Coloradans along the way. In 2017, TAP-IN shared a total of 18 challenges with Coloradans. Check out the problem pitch videos and learn more in the 2017 Opportunities Report.

In 2019, TAP-IN Colorado migrated to The Water Connection, the water resources and policy arm of The Greenway Foundation.

Colorado is truly a hub for the entrepreneurial spirit. We have the support from our local cities, higher education and the dozens of scientific labs that are located here. Our co-working spaces and incubators create a culture of networking and collaboration that lead to higher levels of success. And opportunities to learn are abundant throughout the state, whether you are in a small rural town, a mountain village or the larger cities of Denver, Boulder or Ft. Collins. Colorado creates. We spur new ideas with an openness to the economy and the ecosystem to protect future generations.

– Former Governor John Hickenlooper

Tune in to TAP-IN

Stay up to date on TAP-IN Colorado news and events.

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